Natural Burial at Bidwell Woodland

A burial site within a productive woodland which was planted in 1998. It is managed with the intention of producing high quality timber from a wide variety of species, Broadleaf and Conifer, Native and Exotic.

The Woodland

This wood, as well as the surrounding woods and grazing land is rich with typical Devon Wildflowers and herbs which provide year-round displays.

It has outstanding views in all directions but especially of Dartmoor and South Hams.

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This is not a reserve but rather a continuation of the practice of the "cycle of life" and "return to nature". With hope it will be a perpetual, sustainable site to naturally return our bodies to the soil within a perpetual and sustainable woodland.

Whilst access is normally freely available, some short restrictions may occur during forestry work.

Just a nice place to remember saying some goodbyes.

The Good Funeral Guide presented Bidwell Woodland with the Cemetery of the Year award in 2012.